Giving a Kudos Recognition Message

Step 1: Access the Message Editor

To give Kudos, look for the Give Bar button at the top of the Home or the Me Page. Once you have clicked on the Give Bar, a message window will open where you will fill out the information and reasoning for the Kudos you are giving.

Step 2: Select the Level of Kudos

Begin by selecting the level of Kudos you would like to give (TY: Thank You, GJ: Good Job, IM: Impressive, EX: Exceptional). Kudos levels allow you to send the appropriate amount of recognition. You may send private Feedback to help mentor a teammate, and General Messages to share ideas. Kudos Awards may only be available to Administrators depending on your organization's settings. These allow a user to send more than 50 points to employees that have gone above and beyond. Kudos Awards include the option to add a custom badge, which will generate a certificate.

Step 3: Fill in the 'To' Field

Next, type your colleague's name and the 'To' field will auto-populate. Select the correct name by clicking on it. You can add multiple people to this field, as well as groups, departments, and location names to recognize an entire team. You can send posts to everyone in the organization by typing, "all," and you can also send external Kudos by typing an email address — external Kudos will not have points attached to them. 


Step 4: Write a of Message Recognition

Your message can be either simple, or more descriptive of the specific effort and subsequent outcomes. You may include URLs in your message. You can type up to 1000 characters before your message is cut off, and writing a message is mandatory.

Step 5: Add an Attachment or Sticker (Optional)

You can attach up to 3 files of any type from your computer to your message, such as a picture or a document.  Note: this is an optional feature that can be turned off by an administrator (Gear > Account > Customize > Giving Kudos).

Click Add a Sticker and select a sticker from the available library to express emotion and personalize your message. You can add as many stickers as you'd like, but they must be selected one at a time.

Step 6: Assign Values to the Recognition

Select values that support the reason why you’re giving Kudos by highlighting the characteristics or skills the individual(s) demonstrated in their action or behavior. At least one Quality must be selected before a Kudos message can be sent. 

Step 7: Select a Privacy Setting

You can keep your message Public so it appears on the Wall for all to see, or make it Private so that it only resides on the receivers’ and your own personal pages. Note: you may not have this ability, depending on your organization's settings.

Step 8: Click Send!

The recipient(s) will immediately receive an email notification of your message. If you kept this message visible to the organization, everyone will be able to view and comment on it in the wall timeline.

We hope this helps! If you have any questions, please "submit a request" at the top of this page and one of our friendly staff will be happy to assist you.


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