New User Kudos Feature Overview

1. Create Your Password

Once you have been invited to Kudos by your Administrator, you will receive an email with a link to set your password. The link will direct you to a page where you can type in a password of your choice, sign in, and start using Kudos.

Note: The only way to join your peers' Kudos account is by following the link in the invitation email you receive from your Administrator. 

2. Edit Your Personal Information

When your account was created, your name, phone, location, department, and job title may have been entered for you. Verify this information here and make any edits necessary. Please keep in mind that you cannot change your job title. Contact your Administrator if you have questions.

3. Set Up Your Personal Profile

To set up your personal profile go to:

 My Settings

Another way to edit your profile is to click View Profile on your Me page, and then Edit.

  • In your profile, you may not be able to edit certain things, such as your job title or who you report to. To change this information, please contact your Administrator using the link provided.

  • To input information about yourself in your personal profile, you can either input each category manually, or authorize LinkedIn to auto-fill the information that you have already provided in your LinkedIn account. However, once you have overridden your profile information with LinkedIn, you cannot undo the override.

4. Add Personal Information to Your Profile

  • You may fill out or leave blank any of the fields in your profile

  • If you set something to 'Private', only you and your supervisor will be able to see it. If you set something to 'Public', only those users within your organization’s Kudos account will be able to see it.

  • Add information to your profile by clicking the Add School/Family Member/Website button at the bottom of each section

  • To edit any information, just click on the text, edit the information, and click Save

  • To delete information, click the Remove button and confirm deletion

5. Add a Profile Picture

  • You had a chance to edit your picture when you first signed up, but in case you didn't have a picture file handy then, you can always add or edit your picture whenever you'd like. Still under  My Settings > Profile.

  • Select a photo from your computer up to 5 MB in size, and in .jpg, .png, or .gif file type 

  • Wait a few seconds for the system to upload it — your picture will change and save when it’s ready

6. Send Kudos! 

  • Click the Give Kudos bar at the top of the Home or the Me page, and start recognizing great work.



7. Keep Track of Your Kudos Points

  • Go to the Me tab and look under your profile picture on the left sidebar

  • The blue number where it says Points To Give indicates how many Kudos Points you have to give out through the remainder of the month. On the first day of the next month, these points will refresh and any unused points will not rollover.

  • The green number where it says Points Balance indicates the number of Kudos Points received to date and available for redemption. 

We hope this helps! If you have any questions, please "submit a request" at the top of this page and one of our friendly staff will be happy to assist you.


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