How to Add and Invite Users

Adding and Inviting Users 

Whether you’re setting up Kudos for the first time, or adding new hires to an existing Kudos account, adding users is one of the most important parts of being an Administrator.

To add new users, go to:
> User Admin > Users

Here you can choose whether to add users via the Bulk Changes button (to add multiple users via CSV upload), or the Add a User button (to manually add users one at a time).

Let's review each of the scenarios in detail. 

Add Users in Bulk via CSV Upload

If you are adding multiple users at once, we’ve provided a CSV template to make the process faster for you. To download a template, click on Bulk Changes.


After clicking Bulk Changes, you will be brought to this screen, with the following steps: read the instructions, export the CSV template, import your changes.


When you are first setting up your account, you'll want to click the Blank Template button to download a blank CSV to fill in. If you already have users on the system and want to edit a CSV of existing users, click the Existing User Data button. You can download either of documents as a CSV or XLSX file.

Next, you'll edit the CSV file you just downloaded. Be sure to follow the instructions and guidelines provided in step 1 on your Kudos screen. Column titles on the file cannot be altered.

Before you can upload a file, you must choose a date format that was used in your CSV file. You must use the same date format throughout your CSV. 

Add Users Manually

Using this method is a quicker option than the bulk changes method when only a couple of users are being added. To start, click on Add a User.


You will then be presented with a window to manually add information for a single user. Note that the starred (*) fields are required.

Invite Users to Log In to Kudos

Adding users to the system (be it manually or via CSV) will NOT automatically invite them to log in. This will give you the opportunity to set everything up before you launch your Kudos program in your organization. Once you’re done adding users and the program is ready to start, be sure to send email invites to them so that they can log in and set up their individual accounts. 


When you're ready to invite users, click on Send User Invites. A popup will appear giving you the option to either Send Outstanding Invites Now (which will send an invitation only to users in your organization who have not yet been invited) or to Re-Invite Users Now (which will send an invitation to anyone who has been invited already, but has not accepted their invitation).


You also have the option of sending individual re-invites to those users who missed the first email, and to users who have never been sent an invite (users outstanding).



We hope this helps! If you have any questions, please "submit a request" at the top of this page and one of our friendly staff will be happy to assist you.


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