Customizing Kudos to Fit Your Brand

We know your brand is important, so Kudos gives you the ability to upload your own logo and customize numerous aspects of the site, such as the banner, the colour, and the spalsh screen.

To set these up, go to:

> Account > Customize > Theme

  • Begin by uploading your own company logo from your computer. Wait a few seconds for the image to change, it will do so automatically when it’s ready. If the image doesn't change, it may not follow the set guidelines. It must be 5MB or less, and .png, .gif or .jpg file type.
  • Type in a new Kudos Header. This is the message that shows across the top of your Kudos site. This can be your company slogan or a motto that applies to your recognition program. You can write anything up to 40 characters long, after which the message will cut off.
  • To change the primary color used throughout the site, enter your HEX code or click the field next to "Choose Your Account Color" to open the colour picker.
  • To upload an organizational banner, click "user banner image" and select the image you wish to use. Please note the size for the banner should be 75px tall by 1100px wide.
    • ​As the banner may not cover the entire screen, set the colour of the rest of the banner using the second HEX code picker.
    • If you do not add a banner, your logo will appear on the left, with the Kudos Header just to the right.

  • Your Email/Login banner is the image your team will see in the login box, as well as on communication emails from Kudos. To set this, click "user banner image" and select the image you wish to use. You can preview the email by going down to User Invitations > Customize > Preview. The recommended size for this banner is 75px tall by 500px wide. 
    • If you do not add a banner, your logo will appear. 
  • Finally, you can set your Organizational Login Backgroud, or splash screen. To do so, upload the image you would like your team to see. The recommended size is 650px tall and 1500px wide. 


We hope this helps! If you have any questions, please "submit a request" at the top of this page and one of our Kudos team members will be happy to assist you.


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